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Out of the island of Java, engraver and artist Kelelowor is making magical imagery of objects and places. With a craftsmanship that goes back in time for ages, he creates imprints from his hand and edge of his pen. With great detail, line by line he captures and visualises the essence of things - in the shape of stunning drawings that comes to life in the eyes of the audience.


“For me Gothenburg is as exotic as it can get. My illustrations for this piece are a plethora of iconic sites and landmarks. I decided to let the course of the race encapsulate all elements of the drawing, bringing them all together. I also find the outline in itself to be rather aesthetically pleasing with clear and interesting characteristics. The most exciting part of this piece for me, will at the stage when every runners personal figures are added into the artwork. The last piece of the story it tries to tell. My hope is that it will be a subtle reminder for every runner of his or hers very personal memories, experiences and achievements.”

— Kelelowor


Piece: Engraved
Edition: 500