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Jonas Frank

A cross disciplinary artist under the motto “dare to dare”. Jonas Frank has been a vibrant visual voice in the art and advertising world for the last decade. His work has been praised and awarded domestically as well as across the international scene. The artistic work is characterised by a personal graphical style without any bullshit, but usually sprinkled with wit. Many times commenting on society and the world around us. 


“The idea for this piece is super simple. I just prefer when uncomplicated things are kept uncomplicated. Graphical elements in the shape of circles are representing a number from 0-9. The finishing time (from Gothenburg Half Marathon) for every owner of this piece, is translated accordingly to my system. Boom, a very personal version has been created. I also like the mind toggling aspect, because I think many owners of this piece will at some point stumble upon the thought of “what would it look like, had I been a minute faster or a second slower..?””

— Jonas Frank


Piece: Run in circles
Edition: 500