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Daniel Escudeiro

Based in Rio de Janeiro, Daniel is currently a Creative & Design Director at YONE. His work involves developing creative concepts and identity systems for branding projects. Daniel taught Advanced Typography at Miami Ad School (Rio), was a speaker at the Latin American Design Award in 2019, was a D&AD 2021 judge and has developed creative projects for brands like Facebook, Danone, Coca-Cola, Pernod-Ricard, Petrobras, Ambev and the Burle Marx Institute. His work has been recognised by several design awards — most recently, a TDC Certificate of Typographic Excellence and a D&AD 2021 Graphite Pencil, among others. Letters are a passion and often an integral part of his work, with which he seeks to build, more and more, an authorial and Brazilian language that looks more inwards than outwards.


I love how this thing I am passionate about on a very abstract level, typography, can yield very personal and palpable feelings for other people. When do letters become something more than what they inherently are? You take an intriguing piece of type design and inflate it, suddenly it becomes a completely different thing. It is no longer an agreed upon graphic symbol that your brain reads as a letter. It's now an object, tactile and nostalgic. It may remind you of a childhood summer trip to the beach, of getting water in your nose in a swimming pool, of cannonballs and Marco Polo, of the smell of grass and plastic and sunscreen and wet dogs, of playing. I think this feeling of play and excitement is kind of why we run in a half marathon in the first place. Each piece is personalized with your own race metrics, making it uniquely yours, which makes me wonder — what does this piece evoke to you? 


Piece: G Inflated
Edition: 500