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Dan Kullberg

Gothenburg born and Stockholm based photographer Dan Kullberg, is one of the worlds leading and renowned artists in the field of global travel photography. He shoots stunning location with the result being we wish you were there. With an extraordinary eye for visual beauty, it makes perfect sense that no other photographer has made more covers for the worlds largest travel magazines Condé Nast Traveler and Elle, than Dan Kullberg.  

“I wanted to capture the beauty in the bridge symmetry and engineering craftsmanship. The photo is taken under the bridge in May of 2022. For me, a bridge always represents movement, direction and destination and this iconic structure constitutes no exception, as it must do for all runners in Göteborgsvarvet. By turning the image upside down an illusion is created of looking down on it, instead of up and the heavy metal body all of a sudden feels lighter - almost as its floating on top of the clouds. My idea is that this duality of the two perspectives are relatable for many runners, you might find it brutal and at the same time cherish it for having been able to conquered it.”   

—  Dan Kullberg


Piece: Below + above (A symmetric caption of the iconic Älvsborgsbridge in the harbour of Gothenburg.)
Edition: 500