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Andreas Wicklund

Sometimes one has to stop and wonder if the artist is wearing invisible 3D-glasses and can see the world surrounding us all, from an alternate perspective. Whether that is true or not, Andreas Wicklund has shared his alternate worlds for the last 20 years. His work spans from art, advertising, to motion pictures - where his latest work in the film Aniara (Harry Martinson) was awarded with a Guldbagge by the Swedish Film Academy. Currently exploring the fields of NFT and online, where his creations have reached global views in the billions.   


“The name is a play with words on the mix of Gothenburg and the current NFT (non-fungible token) phenomenon. The piece has brought the stretch of the race into the aesthetic world of NFT.  

Every part of the race is associated with a never-ending stream of new emotions. Emotions that our body, the machine creates chemically. The constantly changing color spectrum in the work reflects this physical process. I also wanted to explore what happens when you play with the dimension of depth. What I found was that when you rotate the shape on its own axis, even small changes generates new visual dynamics. I let every runners personal race data be the force that manipulates the axis, and at the end - gives each piece a unique user generated twist. The concept of NFT is personal ownership of unique pieces of digital art and highly controversial. In this case the format is very much analog, but the essence of the unique artwork and ownership is very much present in every piece of GFT. The intersection of user generated data, art and sports has been a super interesting space to explore“

— Andreas Wicklund


Piece: GFT